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Ptsd Lingering Effects Essay

  • Submitted by: tomkatryan3
  • on July 23, 2012
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Tom Ryan
Cause and Effect Essay
July 9, 2012

History seems to be filled with war. In my lifetime, it appears that there has always been some level of conflict or war occurring. Post-traumatic stress disorder is one factor that has not been discussed in great detail in history books.   Unfortunately PTSD is not just found in soldiers that have fought in extreme combat situations. Many civilians that have been in and around combat zones suffer from disorder. Like soldiers, civilians with PTSD will have long term effects throughout their lives. In 1990 the Iraqi army occupied Kuwait; brutal atrocities were experienced by both adults and children. It was reported that the Iraqi army raped female virgins and mothers in front of their own children. Young boys were also sexually assaulted. Whether experienced from soldiers or civilians, traumas to the mind and body will bring abnormal behaviors into their lives for years to come. Many persons who have PTSD have a very difficult time living day to day without a great deal mental anguish.
Some of the people who suffer from PTSD feel that suicide is their only option for the stress disorder to stop. A report published the suicide rate in Injury Prevent magazine mentions shows that suicide rates among the U.S. Personnel increased 80% between 2004 and 2008. HealthDay magazine quoted Dr. Simon Rego as saying for the first time in history, the U.S. Military suicide rate has surpassed those among comparable civilian populations. Suicide has a terrible effect on those loved ones left behind. I do not believe there could ever be a cure for PTSD.   There is not even any treatments that have seemed to reduce the debilitating effects brought on by PTSD.
There have been several names for PTSD over the years. During the Civil War it was known as “Soldiers Heart.” In World War I, it was called “Shell Shock.”   In World War II it was called “Combat Fatigue” or “Gross Stress Reaction,” and after the Vietnam Conflict it was called “Post...

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