Ptsd In The Vietnam War Essay

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Vietnam, the war at home and oversea The combination of defoliants, low home approval of the war, and PTSD gave the soldiers of the Vietnam war an experience many couldn’t make it through. The use of Agent Orange during the war caused various health issues on the U.S. soldiers fighting in the jungle and also had grizzly after effects. The publics thoughts on the war were that it was pointless and the soldiers being deployed were murderers which caused stress on the soldiers everyday lives. The Vietnam war was home to many atrocities which was one of the main causes why many soldiers developed PTSD. The U.S. government considered the use of various defoliants such as agent Orange a necessity to help win the war, what they…show more content…
The Vietnam war was the first war where American citizens could turn on their televisions and see images of villages being destroyed and people dying many thought this was solely the fault of the soldiers (warbirdforum). The treatment could cause soldiers to feel as though they did something wrong or that they are barbarians and help contribute towards developing PTSD. With all the atrocities in the Vietnam war and the constant knowing you could die at any moment many soldiers developed cases of PTSD. Post traumatic stress disorder is common among soldiers and veterans of wars especially soldiers from Vietnam due to the high stress situations they were faced with (historyofPTSD). PTSD was shortly discovered after the Vietnam war and was hard to treat because it was a new thing to everyone (historyofPTSD). With the combination of the horrible effects of Agent Orange, newly diagnosed PTSD, and negative public opinion, the soldiers of Vietnam had a gauntlet of problems to face never mind the actual war. The war tested every mans mettle and only the best could pull through with a clear

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