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Ptsd Essay

  • Submitted by: dgleeton
  • on May 26, 2011
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PTSD: A Unique Diagnosis

Posttraumatic stress disorder can be a very serious and distressing condition; that transpires after a person exposed to a distressing event or nightmare; in which serious physical danger happened or endangered. The kinds of traumatic events causing PTSD in people include fierce personal assaults, such as, rape, natural disasters such as tornados, hurricanes, man-made disasters, such as, intimidations, mishaps or armed combat. Then most consistent symptoms of PTSD involve intrusive recollection of trauma, in the form of nightmares, flashbacks or other intrusive memories, have difficulty sleeping, and feel disconnected or alienated, and these symptoms can be severe enough and last long enough to spoil a person’s daily life. PTSD is a difficult illness by the act that it often happens in concurrence with associated disorders such as depression, substance abuse, difficulties of recollection and reasoning, and other problems of physical and mental health.

Posttraumatic stress disorder can be considered abnormal if it is a natural reaction to external events. For instant, Alabama resident experience a trauma after the devastation of the worse tornados that touch down there last week. One person they interviewed on television stated that it will be a constant reminder, because there was a large amount of people who died and they are still searching for 400 others. The resident of New Orleans still feel the effect of Hurricane Katrina, and still remember what happen 10 years ago.

In the video, “One Man’s Return from Combat,” Vietnam soldier suffered from PTSD, which affected his family, personal, and professional life. In this case, the four D’s; deviance, distress, dysfunction and danger played a factor in his case, also in the case of Hurricane Katrina and the tornado in Alabama victims. However, the person in the video admits to having suicidal tendency at times and hopelessness. He also stated how he tries to stay away from the...

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