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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Hanse Bidon HCA/240 February 09, 2014 Dr. Alexis Deavenprot Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD For years when you heard the term PTSD, it was always equated with someone who had served in the arm forces. Because of the many atrocities that members of the arm forces had to endure during war time. Such as watching fellow service men killed, tortured, or loss of limbs, left a scare on many service men psyche. In addition PTSD was always equated to members of arm services because it was service men that brought it to the public’s attention. Since then we’ve learn that Post traumatic syndrome disorder (PTSD) occurs after an individual has gone through an extreme emotional traumatic experience that involved the threat of injury or death. In the past PTSD was categorized as an anxiety disorder. Which I believe made it difficult to diagnosis. However it is now categorized as trauma and a stress related disorder. Which helps to improve the treatment for someone diagnosis With PTSD. At my current place of employment a female patient was brought to the emergency room because she had been raped and tortured for 2 days at the hands of her boyfriend. He beat, sodomized, raped, cut her and threaten her with death. When the young lady was found she had over 53 laceration on her body, many bruises and she seemed to be in a catatonic state. After the women was taking to the hospital and released. She went to live with her mother, where she began having bad dreams, certain words or objects would trigger a flashback and she would relive the traumatic experience all over again. Her mother said that her daughter became withdrawn. Also started to feel guilty for not being able to defend herself. The young lady when asked how she felt, she would reply numb. The symptoms for PTSD

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