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One reason that PTSD is complicated is because it is a very individual illness, caused by a very personal event in someone’s life, and there is not just one resolution that fits all scenarios. Bearing witness to the most tragic moment of my life, that would change us forever as a loving family unit was like a horrific spell being cast, from which there would never be redemption. PTSD is not planned for, nor invited; it just comes out of nowhere and literally throws you into a standstill in time because you are not physically or mentally ready for its arrival. It’s very complex, because whatever happens, you have to deal with its reality first and accept what you are experiencing. Our destination that breathtaking morning was an amazing sunrise picnic, and driving back home without our mother was not in the scheme of things. As a family spending those last joyful moments together we witnessed a train crush the life from my mother as she saved my youngest brothers life of six years old. The impact of horror cannot be escaped, and most PTSD victims indeed become victims for their entire lives, and life is never the same for them again. Treatment and healing actually begins within one’s self and how much professional attention you receive promptly; in my case as an 11 yr. old I received none. The nightmares and day mares to follow would be terrifying truths to my childhood and adult hood that without proper medical treatment; it would take other trauma to finally seek the help I needed. Another reason that PTSD cannot be treated easily is because trauma has to be recalled, and in most cases it is difficult for the patient to remember details without extensive counseling, and skilled techniques for recall. My recall or going back to the trestle was most anguishing and in deep counseling with professionals, part of my brain had evidently shut down and the process

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