Ptlls Unit 1.1 Essay

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A teacher has many roles and responsibilities to their student, colleagues and education as a whole. As a teacher you must make sure that all students get the most out of the learning taking place. This can be done by doing initial assessments to gain the knowledge you require to then differentiate the learning objectives to each individual learning style. This you would do whilst planning as this is when you will be able to put into your lesson plans the support certain students require as stated in the school SEN register etc... This will then lead on to supplying your student with the correct environment with which to learn. This involves it being safe and organised. The classroom needs to be fully equipped with learning materials all easily accessible to your students. The key to a supportive learning environment is to be willing to establish an open and caring relationship with each student. You need to be able to sit and listen, not just talk at them. Learn about the students strengths and weaknesses and then you will have the information to put in place and provide the support your student requires. Whilst in and around school not just in your classroom you need to be giving positive motivation and high expectations at all times. This providing your student with a positive role model, which as you may have been made aware of by your students through your conversations, they may be lacking due to poor family circumstances. You need to be patient when they get frustrated or angry, show active listening skills as well as know when to

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