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Theory assignment 5 – Functional Skills Explain ways to embed elements of functional skills in your specialist areas (400 words) Having functional skills are an important life skill for all learners to possess. Functional skills are “the skills that underpin all learning and without them learners will struggle to meet the demands of their qualification, the world of work and life skills” (Wilson, L 2008 p.41) Functional skills awards were introduced in 2010 and are intended to standardise the qualifications for mathematics, information technology and English. “Numeracy, literacy and information technology are transferable skills. This means they can be transferred to different situations/contexts as well as being used in the learner’s particular subject area.” (Gravells, A 2008, p. 70) Previously, functional skills have been known as, • Key skills • Core skills • Common Skills • Basic Skills • Minimum Core The government has set a target for individuals leaving school to have achieved a level 2 (GCSE grade C or above) in the core subjects of English, maths and IT and it is important as a tutor to identify individuals who struggle with these elements, as it may impair their ability to pass the course. “It cannot be assumed that learners leaving fulltime compulsory education have sufficient skills in English, maths and IT to achieve their qualification” (Wilson, L 2008 p42) Functional skills are aimed at individuals aged 16+ who have not managed to achieve the recommended standard. Without these skills some individuals will struggle to cope with day to day elements of their life and their chances of academic and professional progression would be severely hampered, as these skills form the basis of many higher education courses and person specifications in employment. “Without good literacy skills, individuals have fewer opportunities

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