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1.2 Analyse own responsibilities of promoting equality and valuing diversity “The vision of the Learning and Skills Council is to create ‘a learning society in which everyone has the opportunity to go as far as their talents and efforts will take them’.” LSC (2001) Remit Letter from the Secretary of State The equality and diversity ‘topography’ is multifaceted. It changes and matures on a regular basis. So in definition Equality (fostering and promoting the right to be different, to be free from discrimination) and Diversity (valuing variety and individual differences) are a broad two pronged rule that trainers/teachers must consider when formulating any learning subject matter. So all duties and variants should be tailored to learners as individuals this is why when reviewing and setting up subject material looking at how to ascertain an individual’s learning needs is of paramount importance, valuing diversity my chosen method of distinguishing this portion of the outcome is to use the VARK method and I feel that a training needs analysis prior to lessons is the best way to achieve this aim. With regards to equality finding out an individual’s ‘Special needs’ if any (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia etc) in a discreet manner is also extremely important. Trainer/teachers face a plethora of challenges when it comes to dispelling certain stereotypical views and a confident well balanced approach is often very difficult to ascertain – one way of achieving this is to involve all learners equally in team building exercises eg: Workshop modules of a session where teams work together to reach specific goals, but be careful not to fall in to the trap of learners choosing their own teams as this could segregate the class completely, maybe use the ‘names in the hat’ method thus showing that it is chance rather than the trainer/teacher choosing as this could as well be

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