Pt1420 Unit 9 Study Guide

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Terms | Definitions | Which type of text may be formatted to print at the top of every page? | Header | What is the text that appears on every slide but depending on the theme applied may not always appear at the bottom of a slide? | Footer | When printing a PowerPoint 2010 presentation, which print setting enables multiple slides to be printed on one page? | Handouts | Which print setting creates printouts of an entire slide on the top of the page and an area for speaker notes below the slide? | Notes Pages | Which area in the Print dialog box is used to change the printer? | Printer Status Dropdown | What is the name of the process for modifying a presentation by adding and deleting slides or by changing the contents of individual…show more content…
| The palceholder is active | What feature automatically revises typing errors based upon information contained in Microsoft Office 2010's standard dictionary? | AutoCorrect | What does the wavy, red line under a word in a presentation mean? | Misspelling | Which ribbon contains the command to insert a text box placeholder on a slide? | Insert | Which ribbon contains the command to flip or rotate an object on a slide? | Drawing Tools Format | What are the faint blue, dashed lines that appear as you drag an object toward a drawn shape when the edges or center of the object are aligned? | Smart Guides | Which text alignment command aligns text with both the left and right margins of a slide including adding additional space between words as needed? | Justify | On the Home Ribbon, which command is used to change the orientation of text in a text box to vertical, stacked, or rotated? | Text direction | What are the small circles and squares called that surround a picture that has been inserted into a slide? | Sizing handles | When an image is selected, which ribbon appears at the top of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 window? | Picture tools format

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