Pt1420 Unit 1 Research Paper

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UNIT 1: Break-even point is when income equals expenses. For systems of equations: substitute by isolating one variable and subbing it into other equation, eliminate by lining up problems and adding them, making sure one variable is able to cancel out, graph by setting up in y=mx+b form and graphing, with intersection point being solution, do through matrix form with ax+by=cdx+ey=f by [ abde ][ xy ]= [ cf ], or A[ xy ]=B. Enter into calculator for answer as A-1B=[x/y]. In parabolas, with equation y=ax2+bx+c, line of symmetry is x= -b2a. Max or min is determined by positive or negative a sign. Vertex is (LOS, value of y when LOS is plugged in). When the equation isn’t given (word problem), (1) write a system of equations to model the problem, (2) use substitution to combine the system into a single equation, necessarily solving for the variable you are trying to maximize or minimize, (3) use line of symmetry formula to find the value that maximizes or minimizes the function, and (4) use this value to find the maximum or minimum value of the function.

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