Psychotherapy Essay

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Psychotherapy is often taken as synonymous with psychiatry. The definition of psychotherapy, according to the textbook, is “a systematic interaction between a therapist ad a client that brings psychological principles to bear on influencing the client’s thoughts, feelings, or behaviors to help the client overcome abnormal behavior or adjust to problems in living” (Nevid and Rathus 294). Psychotherapy sessions usually take place at the same place and the same time. They usually continue every week, and each session takes around 50 to 60 minutes. Whatever is said or done during the psychotherapy sessions is highly confidential. In the individual therapy, it involves just between the client and the therapist. However, in the group therapy, it involves three or more clients and the therapist. Either ways, these psychotherapies are not a ‘magic cure’. Instead, it depends on each client and his/her ability to develop the sense of mastery over the situations, feelings, thoughts and behaviors. There are many schools of therapy today. Psychotherapy, nowadays, consists numbers of therapeutic approaches that are used to cure emotional distress , psychiatric disorders and even everyday stress. However, this individual paper will be focus on behavior therapy. Behavior Therapy is “a form of therapy that applies principles of learning to help people make desired behavioral changes” (Nevid and Rathus 294). It is often focused on helping a client understand how changing the behavior can lead to changes in how he/she is feeling. Therefore, the goal of behavior therapists is to increase the client’s engagement in positive or reinforcing activities. Behavior therapists often work with the clients to help them succeed in dealing with phobias, self-defeating behavior patterns, and troubling emotional problems. The problems that

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