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Psychology of Hr Practice Essay

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Below is an essay on "Psychology of Hr Practice" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Table of contents:

Introduction: 1
Step 1: 1
 What is 360 Degree Feedback? 1
 360 Degree Feedback for individuals 1
 360 Degree Feedback for organization 2
Step2: 3
Cognitive heuristics: (Availability and Representativeness) 3
 Availability heuristic: 3
 Representativeness Heuristic: 3
Personality: (Neuroticism and Conscientiousness) 4
 Neuroticism: 4
 Conscientiousness: 5
Social factors :( Organizational culture and Interpersonal liking) 5
 Organizational culture: 5
 Interpersonal liking: 6
Conclusion: 7
References: 8

The essay focuses on 360 degree feedback research and analysis how the three lenses impact 360 degree feedback in practice.

Step 1:
 What is 360 Degree Feedback?
360 degree feedback is a method or process that employees receive their performance feedback from the people who work around him or her. It may direct provided by his or her supervisors, peers, subordinates and even customers. The ratees also receive feedbacks by themselves as a self-assessment. Feedback processes measure job performance of an individual by using standardized questionnaire which include a broad range of workplace competencies. (Jo-Anne, M, &Barbara, S, 2010) In other words, it is a kind of evaluation that collects feedback from a variety of levels on the organization and helps ratees understand their performance from multiple perceptions.
 360 Degree Feedback for individuals
In 360 degree feedback view, it focuses on feedback rather than evaluation, people can find out their weaknesses and strengths. For individuals, it helps each individual have a better understanding of their own behaviors and skills in the eyes of others. Employees can make a further development plan about their behavior and capability to achieve higher performance. The results of the feedback are useful to help employees understand what areas they should focus on if they want to move into a management role. For managers,...

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