Psychology Experiment Analyasis

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IB PSYCHOLOGY A study of the role of punishment on mathematical performance of adolescents. (An Experiment Not to be replicated!) Professor Psycho wants to understand how punishment can improve student performance on math tests. He tells his psychology class they must be the subjects in his experiment or they will suffer a grade penalty in their next test. He assigns 10 students with the best GPA to the PUNISHMENT GROUP and 10 students with the lowest GPA to the WITHOUT PUNISHMENT GROUP. Professor Psycho is sure that the PUNISHMENT GROUP will perform best and he explains this to his class before the experiment , which he carries out himself. As students in the PUNISHMENT GROUP are working on their test he walks around and give them a pinch on the arm when they make a mistake. If they make another mistake he gives them two pinches. Nothing happens to the WITHOUT PUNISHMENT Group if they make a mistake though sometimes Professor Psycho mutters loud enough for the students to hear that they are just so dumb. Both Groups complete the same problems, but the PUNISHMENT GROUP has to complete the experiment at 2 am when Professor Psycho returns from a heavy night of clubbing. The WITHOUT PUNISHMENT Group completes the problems at 9am. To Professor Psycho’s surprise the average score of the WITHOUT PUNISHMENT GROUP is better than the WITH PUNISHMENT GROUP. He never bothered to tell his classes of his results. Question | Your Answer (Write in sentences.) | Marks Available | Marks Awarded | 1. What is the aim of the experiment? | | 2 | | 2. Identify the DV and the IV. Operationalize!! | | 2 | | 3. Identify the hypothesis. | | 2 | | 4. Identify 3 flaws or limitations in this experiment that impacted its reliability and validly. (Ignore ethical issues at this stage..) | Flaw #1Flaw #2Flaw #3 | 3 | | 5. Suggest how you
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