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Here’s how I will to integrate the psychological ideas, principles, theories, and techniques that we have read and discussed into my life today and throughout the remainder of my life and/or the life of my family….. I think that a lot of people talk about how change is the only constant thing in life. I believe in that adage, because there has been so much change in the past three years for myself. Instead of letting change blind-side me or catch me unaware, I anticipated it, embraced it, by noting changes in my environment, circumstances, and even in trends. I didn’t allow change to overtake me just like that, or else l would’ve been caught unaware only to realize that life had taken over, all of a sudden. What I have learned is that the more you cling to your “old cheese, the more that your transition to the “new cheese” would become difficult for me. The sooner I can learn to let go, the easier and quicker my transition to embracing the “new cheese.” As I spot and adapt to change, I will not only prepare for the steps to change, I have to move, walk or run with the change. I’m going to be a mover, and not a passive spectator of life. Whether I am forced to change, or I embraced the change, I will have no other choice but to embrace and enjoy the change. If I keep being obstinate about changing, I won’t be able to enjoy the change, and the rest of my life. Instead of having an easier life because I embrace joy and the blessings of change, I will look at the change as an adversary; something that would only steal whatever enjoyment I could have had for the blessings that the change brought me. Let’s face it, life is in constant up roar and the only thing that will help me deal with life with a lighter heart and a better attitude is my own choice to keep a good attitude, no matter what the circumstance. Furthermore, in the future I’m learning how to In my

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