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Psychological Introduction The aim of this essay is to apply the psychological concepts of communication. Due to martin’s resistance to receive help the essay will attempt to provide information relevant to martin’s depression and to explain and identify the possible options available to martin to reduce his feelings of depression through the transactional model. Psychological Factors Martin is a 46 year old married man with four children and has been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer affecting not only his health but also his ability to work. Martin came to this country 8 years ago having fled Slovakia due to intimidation and violence. Given martin’s recent diagnosis and the subsequent effect this has had on his employment status. This could have had a psychologically detrimental effect on his status within his family confines. This is where it would be important for the nurse to utilise her therapeutic communication skills in an attempt to furnish Martin with all the options, which will hopefully increase his knowledge and awareness thus giving him empowerment over his current situation. Communication is merely the process of transmitting information. This is a concept in whereby the client and patient both become the speaker and the listener simultaneously. (Fiske, 1990) it is a “social interaction through messages”. This model becomes an ever changing process as the circumstances change. Given Martin’s resistance to accept treatment this form of communication will provide a platform for the nurse to engage with Martin. In a process of offering information and advice in a therapeutic setting. The transactional model takes into account the interference that can occur by noise and includes time as a factor. Given martins ethnicity and possible constraints within the English language it would be important to allow time for Martin to

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