Psychology Development and Attachment Theory

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(1) Outline any two theories of child development and discuss how they contribute to your understanding of the developing child. This essay will outline two theories of child development, and focus on how they contribute to understanding the developing child. * The process of emotional development is underpinned by attachment theory (Bowlby ’69 ’73’ ’80 ’88a’88b) Bowlby argued that the propensity to make strong emotional bonds to particular adults is a basic component of human nature and is instinctive * Describe changes within areas of behaviour (e.g. language or socialisation) Describe changes in the relationships between areas of behaviour (e.g. language and socialisation) Explain the course of development according to these descriptions That is, a theory must account for the transitions from one point in development to another and must identify causal variables affecting transition * Bowlby’s Theory of Attachment. # * Reading Chp 6 Boyd & Bee, (2009) PLAN Initial outline of essay Bowlby’s attachment theory was initially developed and then revdeveoped in ollboration with Mary Ainsworth (1969) using their Ganda study The contribution of attachment theory to the social and emotional development of children is critical in assessing the healthy and secure attachment of children to their mother, first and foremost, then, as the child develops through 54 weeks and 2-3 years old – that they begin to relate positively to key carers that play an integral and familiar role in their life. These relationships play a role and can, if the child has had an unstable home and parental environment during their early development, affect detrimentally their ability to form new bonds as adolecscents and possibly adults. However, a child raised in a stable and emotionally secure environment, will develop secure and
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