Psychology Concept In Requiem For A Dream

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The movie Requiem for a Dream is about a young man, named Harry, his grand mother, named Sarah Goldfarb, his best friend, Tyrone Love, and his girlfriend, Marion Silvern, and their endeavors as they all become addicted to drugs. This movie depicts the hardships that they face as drug abuse takes control of all of their lives. Harry and Tyrone work together and start selling cocaine to become rich. Marion tries to live her dream of becoming a fashion designer while living off of the income that Harry brings in from his “distributing company”. Sarah is an old woman who does nothing but watch television all day. When she is told that she can be on TV, she starts taking diet pills so she can loose weight and fit in a red dress that she wore years ago. After things take a turn for the worse, Tyrone gets involved with really bad people and ends up in jail. Hardships arise between Harry and Marion because it becomes harder to get coke in the town. Sarah starts to become crazy because she is taking too many of these diet pills that were prescribed to her. Eventually, Harry and Tyrone skip town and Marion starts giving her body for drugs. In the end, they all suffer through a terrible hardship and are separated from each other. Throughout the movie, it depicts all of the characters developing strong addictions to the drugs that they are using. These addictions are both physical and psychological. An example of a physical addiction is while Tyrone is working in prison; he begins having withdrawals and ends up vomiting in the vat of glue. His body is not reacting well to not being shot up with cocaine every so often and he becomes very sick from it. Another good depiction of a physical addiction that is shown when the friends couldn’t get any cocaine and Marion was unable to sleep. It shows her on the bed all night tossing and turning. She needed to get her fix; her body

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