Psychology And Health Problems Essay

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The Multifactorial model is a model of health and illness; it breaks down different kinds of factors and how those factors play a role in our health and how susceptible we are toillnesses. Family history of illness, functioning of the immune system, medication history, congenital disabilities, physiological conditions, age, gender, and ethnicity are all biological factors that do play somewhat of a role in determining our health. There are a few health issues that are unavoidable because of certain genes someone may have; but contrary to popular belief the genes that were past down from your family when you were born are just tendencies to develop health problems. These genes are similar to warning signs, you are being warned a head of time that if you do not take care of yourself and have a healthy life style then these genes may carry out for example, to be cancer or diabetes. Our immune system was built to fight off and kill the viruses, germs and bacteria that may have entered our body, having a strong immune system keeps us healthy. Medication history such as the use of steroids over a period of time will weaken the immune system. If we have a weakened immune system we are more vulnerable to different forms of viruses and germs and disease. Once your immune system has been weakened, you run a higher risk of getting tumors and developing cancer. The next multi-factorial would be Environmental factors. Environmental factors can affect your health in many ways, for example global warming increases longer heat wave, which in return causes heat stroke and death. Natural disasters can cause a tremendous amount of stress on people, stress can cause headaches, weaken the immune system which may lead to many forms of disease. Another example that many people may not think about is vehicular safety. Driving a vehicle can be a very dangerous if an accident were to happen;
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