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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: gleonce6
  • on February 3, 2011
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Gabrielle Leonce
Professor Jennings
Abnormal psych
16 December 2010

Explanation: In Rihanna’s song “Disturbia” (Merritt, Brown, Kennedy, 2008),the lyrics seems to describe an individual suffering from severe schizophrenia and is about being in a confused state of mind, and living with a mental illness. The individual in the song as symptoms of delusions and hallucinations, in which she is having manic outbursts, they know they aren’t normal “what’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like this?” .I’m going crazy? Suggest they are having an episode and it seems they have no control over “It's a thief in the night to come and grab you”. It only suggests this person wants help but can’t explain it. According to a 2008 interview with Rihanna on the British show, ``This Morning``, the song is about mental anguish, anxiety, and confusion. She wanted to record this song because the topic is something that affects many people at one time or another. The lyrics warn that, “It can creep up inside you and consume you”. The “it” is referring to that one dark thought that is taking over everything else on her mind. Hallucinations are scaring her. The singer is trying to fight all of these abnormal feelings. She struggles to maintain her sanity but can feel herself slipping away.

Song: Disturbia   Concept:   General Schizophrenia
Artist: Rihanna
Songwriters: Allen, Robert L; Brown, Christopher Mauric; Merritt, Andre Darrell; Seals, Brian Kennedy;
What's wrong with me?Why do I feel like this?I'm going crazy nowNo more gas, in the red, can't even get it startedNothing heard, nothing said, can't even speak about itOn my life, on my head, don't wanna think about itFeels like I'm going insane, yeahIt's a thief in the night to come and grab youIt can creep up inside you and consume youA disease of the mind, it can control youIt's too close for comfortPut on your pretty lies, you're in the city of wonderAin?t gon? play nice, watch out you might just go underBetter think...

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