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This essay will describe the changes and the reforms in the structure of the NHS in recent years; the implications of the current NHS reforms structure will be analysed and the influence of the independent sectors on the healthcare will be evaluated. In the last 60 years, there were many changes in the structure of the NHS in England since it was created. The most important changes were about the spending of money and who makes decisions with legal responsibilities. Practically, patients may not notice any difference in the new structure of the NHS as an organisation; however, patients will visit their GP as usual, but the structural changes will be felt at the management level. By April 2013 new structure of the NHS organisation will take effect and the old structure will be discontinued. The Secretary of State is currently the head of the old NHS organisation and is responsible for the overall setting up of policies. This is followed by the Department of Health which has 10 Strategic Health Authorities that ensure the Primary Care Trust implements the policies in there geographical location (see appendix 1). The new reform of NHS organisation is slightly different from the old structure of NHS. For instance, the department of health will communicate with the secretary of state, who will, in turn, communicate directly with the NHS Commissioning Board Office. There are four Regional Offices and 50 other Local Offices in England. The four Regional Offices of the clinical commissioning bodies will control the overall budget with plans on how funds should be disbursed. The regulating bodies will monitor the private sector and the NHS, to make sure that competition does not affect the services patients receive. At the same time the new structure of NHS will promote the private sector and charities to compete with NHS organisation in order to provide good
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