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INTRODUCTION As research in adult anxiety diss has accelerated , more attention has now been directed toward anxiety diss in childhood and adolescence . Current knowledge about anxiety psychopathology in children that meets today 's scientific standards is limited . Nevertheless , this work reviews accruing objective evidence for the childhood anxiety dis that has been the focus of psychiatric research for the past two decades : separation anxiety dis (SAD . This review concentrates primarily on studies of the dis and provides criteria for the child and adolescent categories of SAD . The second major goal of the work is to provide sufficient coverage of each anxiety dis such that researcher and clinician alike can conceptualize the dis and identify it upon presentation . In addition , the work aims to provide a comprehensive review of the treatment methods of SAD PREVALENCE SAD is often seen as being synonymous with school refusal , although the latter is not a diagnosis in its own right but a of associated behavioural problems . School refusal comprises a heterogeneous group of anxiety and other child psychiatric diss Nevertheless , it is often one of the presenting features of SAD , and referral to a child psychiatrist tends to occur once school placement is at risk of breaking down (Francis et al . 1987 . It is essential that a rapid response occurs in to prevent secondary complications within the family and for the child . Community Samples among the anxiety diss affecting children , SAD is generally found to be the second most frequently diagnosed dis after OAD /GAD . The Missouri study (Kearney , Sims , Pursell Tillotson 2003 ) reported a prevalence rate of 12 .9 , with the diagnosis 4 times more likely among girls than among boys . In New York , Last (1991 ) reported a similar prevalence rate among 10- to 13year-olds of both sexes (11 for boys and 13 for
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