Psychology Essay

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Psychology ”Psychology is the study of mind and soul” Taking Psychology has taught me a lot more than I already knew about the human mind and human body. I have actually enjoyed taking Psychology this semester. what I have learned from Psychology class will be carried with me throughout my college and professional career. In Psychology I learned the science of behavior and processes. Psychology originated in many disciplines and countries. It was, until the 1920’s, defined as the science of mental life. Some goals of psychology are to observe and describe the human mind and behavioral system. Also, to understand, explain and predict. More of the goals are influence and control. These are the four main goals of psychology. Sometimes the fifth goal of observing in order to understand a problem further is added, but the first four are usually those that are recognized as the main goals of psychology. To observe and describe sometimes are placed in the same goal. Some people still consider the goal of improving to be added to this as well. However, it is very possible to understand the basics of psychology by examining and understanding its four main goals. The first of the goals of psychology is to observe and describe behavior. Differentiating between normal, healthy and unhealthy behaviors is the cornerstone of psychology. This is why psychologist has to have a great sense of observation. Psychologist not only has to observe actions, but also someone’s attitudes, feelings, goals, motivations, reactions and thoughts to the best of their abilities. The second goal of psychology is basically explaining the same as the first. The attempt to explain behavior based on observations is
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