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The Impact of the Ecosystem Theory on My Life Experiences Kayla Hicks PSY 202 Adult Development and Life Assessment Instructor: Allison Kipp May 12, 2014 According to Mossler in Adult Development and Learning, Bronfrenbrenner’s theory of “ecological systems” is a theory in which psychologists need to look at the family, culture, the community and the impacts of the period of time in which people live in order to understand the circumstances surrounding individual growth. (Mossler, 2013) As I reflected back the brainstorming I did in week one, I came to the decision that the two experiences that have had the most significantly positive impact on my life are as follows. 0. Getting my GED with honors scoring in 2010 0. Being accepted for enrollment into the online Psychology program offered at Ashford University to earn a Bachelor’s degree These experiences have together helped me to gain a sense of accomplishment in my life that was very much needed. I have been a very dependant person who had lost all confidence in myself until these things happened in my life. I am now learning how to be independent and my confidence in myself and my ability to be successful has grown immensely. I had pretty much given up on doing something like this for myself, but here I am doing it. The first step being obtaining my GED, then second being actively enrolled in Ashford University working towards obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have always been intrigued by the behaviors of the human mind and with my daughter being diagnosed with Autism I am ecstatic about learning in the Psychology field. Another reason that I chose the two aforementioned experiences is that as a result of these experiences I will be able to have a career in a field which I love and will be able to do without much physical labor involved. This
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