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Psychology assignment The Stanford Prison Experiment 24 male university students were paid to take place in a simulated prison environment. One half was assigned the roles of prison guards, and the other half roles as prisoners. There was no restrictions or limits as to what the guards were allowed to do. Aim: To observe the changes and psychological effects that take place when one group of people are put in a position of power over another group. Results: The individuals with the roles of prison guards, without any previous background of mental health problems or violent nature, became aggressive towards the prisoners, without any incentive to do so. The prisoners were subjected to physical and psychological abuse, because the guards had zero repercussions to their actions. This experiment is insightful in the way it allows a greater understanding of mob mentality and perhaps shows that when subjected to an environment without consequences, it brings out the worst in people. Personal Opinion: This experiment was completely animalistic and cruel; leaving many of the participants traumatised, possibly for the rest of their live. However, it does provide unusual and unique results, which are important in defining the human psyche. Asch Conformity Experiment A subject and seven other people (who are aware of the psychological experiment) are presented with simple visual puzzles. The subject is unaware that the seven other people are involved in the experiment, and presumes they are also other subjects. There is also a control; the exact same experiment is performed with one subject alone. Aim: To investigate the extent to which social pressure can affect our decisions Results: 75% of the participants when placed in a room with the seven others answered incorrectly at least once, the other 25% answering correctly. In the control group, less
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