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Psychology in reality When it comes to psychology, what immediately springs to mind may be “vague talking”. Throughout the past few weeks, I found that psychology is totally different comparing to my thought. According to American psychological association definition, Psychology is the investigation of the behavior and mentality . The subject embraces the biological function to the actions of human, from child development to care for the elderly. Asides from the definition, the Social-Cognitive learning Theory impressing me so much. Bandura (1986) states that human behavior is demonstrate from your learning history and your resulting expectations and beliefs. This theory assume that learning is an internal process that maybe reflected in individual behavior depend on what individual choose . In my pervious observation in secondary school ,I found that some boys display learnt bullying behavior but others not .It shows that individuals choose how to behave based on their expectations and vicarious experiences. Bandura ‘s theory also assumes that people set goals for themselves and they are motivated to achieve them, so they direct their behavior accordingly. But people eventually begin to self-regulate their learning and behavior. I had the experience that all my friends performed well in exam but I got fail. After that ,I start to evaluate myself. I set a goal that I must study harder everyday and eventually I perform same as them. It shows that human behavior always same as psychological theories in reality . After I study psychology course , I start to observe my classmates ‘s personality traits through Personality theories. I have two friends which call Alex and Otto . Alex is a talkative person and he love making new friends . But Otto is very shy ,unsociable and he doesn’t speak even when facing a talking point that he interest in .Obviously, they show

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