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Why assess intelligence? IQ tests are used to measure multiple complex problem solving abilities that are affected by a number of specific cognitive processes. (Holdnack, J., 2003). Intelligence tests uniquely measure integrated functioning of all the cognitive processes to provide an indicator of the integrity of the problem solving system. (Holdnack, J., 2003). IQ tests have been developed to identify individual variability in cognitive functioning. (Holdnack, J., 2003). The interpretation of a child’s performance on these tests can provide insight to the nature of underlying processing deficits and direction for modifications or accommodations to teach that child. (Holdnack, J., 200.). A child’s subtest indicates his or her strengths and weaknesses in information processing. (Holdnack, J., 2003). Depending on the type of intelligence test administered, it may provide important information on how students approach problem solving; and properly interpreted, intelligence testing helps educators develop appropriate specially designed instruction and educational strategies for IEP development. (Logsdon, A.). In most cases, intelligence testing is required by federal special education regulations to confirm or rule out the presence of mental disabilities and to establish IQ for the purposes of diagnosing a learning disability. (Logsdon, A.) Should achievement and intelligence be considered separate constructs for assessment or is it more appropriate to conceptualize them as part of the same skill set? I believe that achievement testing and intelligence testing should be considered separate constructs for assessment. Achievement tests are usually seen in educational or employment settings. They attempt to measure how much you know about a certain topic or how much of a capacity you have to master material in a particular area. Intelligence tests attempt to measure

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