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How does intimate disclosure through the social network foster relationships? Recent research has shown that an average of 40 million Americans visits online dating services monthly and that at least 25% of singles have tested out one. A survey by AvantGo(2004) found that 14% of singles were dating, married or engaged to someone they met online. In many romantic relationships “love” is considered a major component even though it is one of the most difficult elements to define. The social network has become a vital place not only for people to keep in touch with their family but also a place for many like-minded people to interact and share aspects of their lives to each other. In the modern world today, a majority of the population prefers Internet communication because of the anonymity it provides that allows for greater intimacy, it enables partners to get past obstacles they might experience in traditional settings and the ability to present one’s true self. Research has shown that a relatively large proportion of relationship partners would disclose and share a moderate amount of intimate and confidential information about themselves during interactions but only when liking and trust has been developed between them. According to Derlega and Chaikin(1977), individuals will not be willing to give the other person an insight into their private lives unless the partnership has established a so called “dyadic boundary” to ensure that the confidential shared among them would not be made public to other mutual friends therefore losing their own romantic secrecy. In addition there are also other dangers in disclosing information such as the possibility of how people might acknowledge oneself and also the rejection in which one might experience by their family and friends. This is when the social network comes in in which one can benefit tremendously from the fact
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