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Sleep and dreams were two things that really caught my attention in psychology so far. Everything about them seemed so interesting. The rhythm and stages of sleep are very unique and I think seem very complex but yet so simple. The way dreams happen is also very intriguing. Sleep is obviously a big part of everyone’s lives. I could not function without sleep. I find the circadian rhythm or the biological clock very interesting. I find it really weird how our body seems to know when we need sleep. The sleep stages are also an interesting process. There are five distinct sleep stages. There are stages one through four and then there is the REM sleep stage. REM stands for rapid eye movement. The REM sleep stage is after about an hour into sleep. The rapid eye movement sleep stage is when dreams occur. I find this this stage to be the most amazing stage. Although many people think that everyone needs eight hours of sleep that is not true. I believe you can somewhat train yourself into the amount of sleep each person needs. I believe this can happen to an extent anyway. For example, this summer I would get about five hours of sleep each night and I would wake up easily. I would make it through the day and I would be fine all night. I would wake up at around 6:00. I would get to work at my first job around 7:30. I would get off around 4:00 and drive to my other job at 4:30. I would get off at about 11:30 and I would finally fall asleep by 1:00. At that point, my body only seemed to need five hours of sleep. Since I started college this August I seem to go to bed a lot earlier. I go to bed around 11:00 and wake up at about 7:00. I now get about eight hours of sleep. I don’t feel like I get any more sleep than I did this summer even though I am getting three more hours. I feel like my body’s biological clock has adapted to the amount of sleep I get. Sleep has been

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