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Tara Brown May 30, 2013 Major Graded Assignment #1 Psychological research has been arousing interests of individuals for many years. Many people see psychology as confirmation to something that they already knew. Although, as chapter one discusses this is just mere overconfidence in ourselves. It can also be described as hindsight bias, things that are pointed out to us after the fact that seem so clearly evident. We convince ourselves that we knew that all along. Scientific attitude disputes these thoughts and encourages us to ask more questions and put our presumptions to the test. This requires us to be somewhat skeptical and to understand that we are the biggest obstacles that we face in our research. Humility is an important factor for the realization that we must have factual information to base our conclusions. To do this successfully you must learn to be a critical thinker. One must question common beliefs and explanations, examine all the data, recognize misleading information, take specific evidence, and review the outcomes. Psychologists use the scientific method to obtain observation and extensive data analysis. One method for doing this is using scientific theory. A theory is a well-established principle that has been developed to explain some aspect of the natural world. A theory arises from repeated observation and testing and incorporates facts, laws, predictions, and tested hypotheses. (1) However, even if we seem to have a pretty strong theory we must put it to the test. A good theory must always produce testable predictions, called hypotheses. This gives direction to our research and can confirm or deny the reliability of our findings. Theory and hypothesis are sometimes used synonymously but it’s important to understand their differences. A theory makes predictions in general terms while the hypothesis is a specific guess to

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