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Week 12 individual work Keshia Boothe PSY 2012-8 Psychology Professor Omar Corrales 04/05/2013 Synopsis In this module 43 they discuss attitudes and social cognition. I will give the definition of attitudes and cognition. Everyone have their own definition of an attitude; but “attitudes are evaluations of a particular person, behavior, believe or concept” (Feldman, R., 2011). Social cognition is “the cognitive processes by which people understand and make sense of others and themselves” (Feldman, R., 2011). There is a link between attitudes and behaviors; and that link is influence. Attitudes can and will influence; how someone behaves. An example of this influence is a person that is angry; may throw an item because they are angry. What I liked about the chapter In this chapter I liked learning about positive and negative social behaviors. I think that learning about the different social behaviors will give you a better understanding of people’s behaviors. There are some important factors that social psychologists consider about two people attracting to each other. These important factors are proximity, mere exposure, similarity and physical attractiveness. Most of the time people are closer to people who is in closer proximity than someone further away. An example of this relationship is me being close friends with my next door neighbor instead of having a really close relationship to someone who lives 8 hours away from me. In this section you also learn about the frustration-aggression approach. This approach says that when you are frustrated; then you start to get aggressive. What I did not like about this chapter I think that my least favorite part of the chapter was the social influence and groups. I do think that this section had some useful information; such as conformity. Conformity “is a change in behavior or attitudes brought about by a

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