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Running head: Psychiatric Nursing Case Study Name University Tutor Course Date Psychiatric Nursing Case Study Case History Background information Lamanda is a young Woman of 22 years old. She is a young woman who has just graduated from the Ohio state University with a degree in psychology. Her father is a Caucasian whereas her mother is an African-America. She comes from a family of two kids; her firstborn brother- Leonard who is older than her by two years. Her mother is assistant manager at a grocer store whereas her close father works in a department store. Lamanda has a waitress job at a nearby restaurant where she works on an evening shift. They stayed in Detroit with the family and acknowledge having good relationship with the mother than the dad. She was so interactive with a rewarded ability in academics. She states that she had problems of relating to her classmates who constantly bothered her. Her reason for being harassed by the classmate is attributed to the fact that she comes from mixed race. She was a happy child who never had any problems relating to any friendly person; however, she is discussed that in her childhood ages, she had a lot of weird feelings of unattractiveness and shy. Lamanda was physically strong and identified with the boys most of the time during her high school days. Due to the fact that she usually crewed with the men, she recalls an event between her and a 47 year old coach. She used to compete with her brother and always thrived to beat him in everything they did together. She mentions that she has not thought about the event for quite along time. She also marveled academically and became one of the best students who joined an honor society. She reiterates that these were the happiest moments in her life during her high school days. Additionally, Lamanda had a lot of friends with whom they shared a lot

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