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Biologically, I am an overly anxious person. Im not sure if this behavior fits in with paranoid, but the smallest things make me anxious. For example, I always think the worst of every circumstance. I know I must be an anxious person biologically because my parents and my family are very carefree. I have yet to go to the doctor for it because I am always assuming the worst about the doctors office. When I was little my mom would always reward me when I did my chores without her asking me, I see this as behaviorism because I was conditioned to do what I was supposed to. Now I would say I’m a relatively clean person. I don’t expect any rewards for doing the right thing now because Im already considered an adult. I plan on doing this with my kids because that’s how I was taught. When people talk about psychoanalytic behavior they say basically that girls tend to like guys that are like their dads, and boys tend to like girls who are like their mom. I didn’t realize all of this until we talked about it in class. I very much agree with the psychoanalytic theory because its true, I dated guys and if they were losers or I just felt uncomfortable around them, I just left them. My boyfriend of now three years is a lot like my dad. When I was fifteen I was a cheerleader for my high school, until I hurt myself. I was tumbling, did my back handspring wrong, and completely messed up my ring finger, it looked like there was a marble in my finger. I still have a small ball in my finger til this day. When I went back to cheerleading I couldn’t get myself to throw my tumbling anymore, I had a mental block. This forced me to quit cheerleading. That experience scared me into thinking something bad like that can happen again, I would call that humanism. I agree most with behaviorism. Everything that my parents do, I do. My mom always taught me that “She was a princess in her

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