Psychology Essay

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Why is Psychology important? Melissa J. Garcia College of Central Florida Author Note This paper was prepared for Psychology 2012, Section 79, taught by Professor Jennifer Blake. Why is Psychology Important? Some people may ask what is psychology and is it really important. Well, think about it; there are hundreds of thousands of people who seek counseling every year for issues they cannot deal with themselves or for a mental illness they may have. Now after considering this statement; can you imagine living in a world where there is no help for all those people who need it, a world where psychology does not exist? How chaotic would it be? Would violence be more prevalent? Would more people turn to substance abuse seeking some solace from their misery even if it’s for a short period of time? The study of psychology has been around for centuries; “Seven thousand years ago, people assumed that psychological problems were caused by evil spirits…[and] would drill holes in the person’s skull, so the spirits could escape.” (Feldman, 2009, pg.15) We have come a long way since that time and have learned so much, but there is so much more to learn especially about how our brain works and how it affects our actions and personalities. Psychology is everywhere; it is used in schools to help students deal with their class schedules and their classmates, it is used in the military to help our soldiers cope with being away from their families and having to kill people, it is used in churches to help people come to terms on many different social issues, and it’s even used in large corporations to help the CEO’s deal with their employees and all the decisions they have to make on a daily basis. People truly do not understand
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