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Psychology Have you ever thought about something really hard? Have you ever thought about anything at all? Of course, every human and animal on this planet has thought of something! That is called psychology. Psychology is the way humans and animals think and behave. The word psychology actually means ‘study of the mind’. It is evident that psychological methods are being increasingly used in daily events. Employment for example, in Europe more companies are subjecting potential personnel to psychological profile checks and psychological tests during interviews. Even our social lives are becoming affected. In all, psychological knowledge can help us to find solutions (Winkworth). Psychology is usually dated from 1879 when Wilhelm Wundt opened the first psychology laboratory at the University of Leipzig, Germany. Some of Wundt’s students were Emil Kraepelin, James McKeen Cattell, and G. Stanley Hall. G. Stanley Hall later established the first U.S. experimental psychology laboratory at Johns Hopkins University in 1883. In 1886, the first doctrine f psychology was given to Joseph Jastrow, a student of G. Stanley Hall. Functionalism, psychoanalysis, and structuralism were born in 1896. Functionalism focuses on the acts and functions of the mind rather than its internal contents. Psychoanalysis asserts that people are motivated by powerful, unconscious drives and conflicts. Last, Structuralism is the view that all mental experience can be understood as a combination of simple elements or events. Also in Weiby 2 1896, the world’s first psychological clinic was opened. The founder was Lightner Witmer who shifted his focus from experimental work to practical applications of his findings. About nine years later, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon developed a scale of general intelligence on the basis of mental age. Later, researchers refined this work into

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