Psychology Essay

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Psychology is the scientific studies of behavior and mental process. Most psychologist try to explain and predict the human behavior and mental processing as well as trying to change and positively impact the lived of human-beings in the world of which they live in. psychologist also use very scientific methods to find answers that are by far more valid than those resulting from intuition and speculation, which are usually inaccurate. There are also historical perspectives in psychology which are as follows, Structuralism, Functionalism, Introspection, and Gestalt psychology. Psychology is broken down into many different subfields, which would take hours to go through all of them, however some subfields are behavioral Genetics, Forensic Psychology, Cognitive psychology, Health Psychology, and Clinical Psychology. All of these types of psychology are studies of different purposes, For example. There are also many different perspectives as well historical and/or current that involves psychology, Such as Behavioral Perspective, Psychodynamic Perspective, Humanistic Perspective, The Cognitive Perspective, and the Neuroscience perspective. Structuralism briefly focused on uncovering the fundamental mental components of perception, consciousness, thinking, emotions, and other kinds of mental states and activities. Functionalism is an early approach to psychology that concentrated on what the mind does, also the function of mental activity in the mind, and the role of behavior that allowed people to adapt to their environments. Introspection is the procedure to study the structure of the mind and subjects described in detail what they are exposed to. Gestalt psychology is an approach that focuses on organization of perception and thinking in a “complete” sense rather than it’s individual elements. Behavior Genetics studies effects of hereditary in traits and
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