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Developmental Psychology One of the many famous philosophers to contribute to the field of psychology was known as Erik Erikson. Born in 1902, Erikson lived in Frankfurt Germany. Erikson’s parents had separated before is birth and he was made sure to be known as his mother’s child from an extramarital relationship. Although Erikson never met his birth father, he was raised by his young Jewish mother. Shortly after, Erik’s mother married a physician, Dr. Theodor Homberger. Throughout most of Erikson’s life, Dr. Homberger was known to Erikson as big biological father. Because Erik didn’t know his biological father, he had no reason to believe otherwise. When he finally learned the truth, he was confused about who he really was and where he really came from. . The experiences he faced early on helped lead to Erikson’s interest in the formation of identity. Other factors also contributed to Erikson’s interest in identity such as his school life. At his temple school, he was teased and taunted for being blond, blue-eyed and tall. He was also rejected from grammar school because of his Jewish background. All these events in his life continued to fuel his interests in identity formation and continued to influence his work throughout his life. Later on, Erikson took a teaching position at a school created by a friend of Anna Freud’s. After meeting Anna’s brother Sigmund Freud, Erikson began working under him, and furthered his career in psychology. Although studying along with Freud, Erikson’s theory takes a broader view of human development in terms of time. He believes that the need for social approval is just as important as a child’s sexual and aggressive urges. Erikson studied what is called psychosocial development. This consists of the periods in which and individual’s goal is to satisfy the desires on social needs. Eriksons believes that childhood experiences
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