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Personal Statement Me and my traits I am an easygoing person. I usually don’t have a problem with people or adjusting to new environments. Since I was born I have never lived in the same neighborhood for more than 5 years. It has definitely helped me though. I have always loved to meet new people in different places. Moving from one place to another have also helped me realize how different people in two countries or two cities or even two parts of the same town are! I am also a dancer and have been dancing since I was five. Even though I am an easygoing person I am also very short tempered. It’s easy for me to get frustrated or get mad at the pettiest little things but the good part is that I can control it. My family and friends I am fortunate to have found family and friends that support me at every step of the way. My dad would be the biggest supporter of them all though. He is very patient and understanding and supportive. My mom is the one who gives me advice without having to ask for it. My siblings and friends believe in me and trust me and give me the confidence to do things that I do. They are an encouraging bunch of people and a very important part of my life. My social persona I am a follower of Hinduism and I am also an Indian. One of the benefits of being an Indian American is that I get the best of both worlds. Sometimes though both the cultures do clash and I have to figure out a way to do things that would satisfy both my parents and I and it’s hard but it works out well most of the time. This has taught me that every country, every religion, and every ethnicity of people have their own customs and traditions and we should respect them rather than criticizing them. My achievements I am a high honor roll student and a part of Spanish honor society. I have also been a part of fashion show when I was six (apparently it was a big deal). I
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