Psychology Essay

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Psychology Psychology is the study of the mind and behavioral concepts. There are plenty of studies showing the effectiveness of Psychology, and the solutions it has created to humanity. My interest in Psychology isn’t just a hobby it’s something I feel to where it comes natural in a since. However there are a lot of solutions, but also there are issues within the psychological field. The psychological field has an issue to where field experts are battling on if earlier experiences effect life or does later experience does. There are certain views of the problem as my own and a way on how society can deal with this issue. The major issue going on in Psychology today is the development of childhood and its effects on life. There is also a second part to where equality can take a part on events later on in life. According to Kendra Cherry, “Relative importance of early experiences versus those that occur early childhood, or do later events play on equal important role” (cherry1). This is saying this problem has been such an issue to where experts haven’t been able to come up with a solution that matches up perfectly. There have been multiple understandings on this issue to where it may look like it can fit any way. However, the issue with the development of childhood hasn’t been unsolved completely. However, I have my own personal view on the issue of development in childhood or later in life. I believe that situations that occur in early childhood have a lot to do with issues you run into later on in life. “Features of abstract or less, understood concepts are mapped onto existing and well understood concepts, such that the structure of the develop mentally earlier, primary concept is retained in the newly constructed concept (lawerence1).” This simply means that us as humans gets things more naturally at a younger state of mind to where when we get older we
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