Psychology 2000 Essay

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Psych 2000 Psychology in Action * Time Management * Procrastination Psychology and its History What is psychology * The scientific study of behavior and mental processes. 1. Behavior-any action 2. Mental process-perceptions, thoughts, and feelings -latent constructs 3. Scientific Goals of Psychology 1. Describe * What is happening? 2. Explain * Why is it happening 3. Predict * Will it happen again? * If… then 4. Control * How to modify it Wilheim Wundt * Two reasons * 1. First attempt to bring objectivity/ measurement in psychology * 2. Founded the 1st experimental psychology labatory. * Some work involved objective Edward Titchener * Student of wundt * Translated many of Wundt’s works into English * Structuralism * Study consciousness by tying to understand its smallest, most basic elements William James * Functionalism * Study the function of consciousness- how the mind allows people to work, play. Max Wertheiemer * Gestalt psychology: How we experience the world * “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Sigmund Freud * Worked with patients whose complaints had no identifiable physical cause. * Focused on the role of the unconscious * Where unwanted urges and desires are pushed towards * Psychoanalysis: therapy based on Freud’s ideas * Focus on early childhood development; psychosexual stages * Dream interpretation: “the interpretation of dreams is the royal John Watson * Behaviorism: study of observable behavior. Pavlov * Interested in reflexes * Discovered that reflexes could be conditioned (learned) * Food-saliva (natural response) * After pairing buzzer-food, get buzzer-saliva John Watson: little Albert Study * Freud: phobias are the result of unconscious conflicts *

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