Psychological Treatments in Mental Health Disorders Are the Most Appropriate and Effective Essay

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“Psychological treatments in mental health disorders are the most appropriate and effective” discuss. There are many psychological treatments, based on approaches of different theories within the mental health sector. Different types of psychologists give different psychological explanations to why various mental disorders occur. This, in turn, gives a variety of treatments that can help patients. This essay will discuss theories of psychology, looking at behaviourist and humanistic approaches and describe some psychological treatments involved within them. Finally, this essay will then compare therapies with a biological treatment and discuss whether psychological treatments are the most appropriate and effective for mental health. Behaviourism is defined by Watson (1913) as the whole set of events leading to a process of adjustment to the environment. “According to the behavioural model, abnormal behaviour is learned in the same way as normal behaviour.” (Rice and Haralambos, 2000 : 164). This meant that all behaviour is learned and can be adapted. This is done through the belief that humans are born with no free will and that they are a blank slate at birth, a tabula rasa (Lecas, 2006). From this theory, techniques were identified using classical and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning is formed on the theory that learning is based on “... an assocition between two stimlui.” (Rice and Haralambos, 2000 : 165). This then makes a learned reaction involuntary when the conditioned stimulus is made. Operant conditioning is different in the way that the end result is voluntary “principle of positive reinforcement ... causing an increase in the frequency of that behaviour “ (Elsevier, 2006 : 1). Wolpe (1958) put forward the idea of systematic desensitisation which is derived from classical conditioning. It aims to remove the fear response of a
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