Psychological Strategies in volleyball

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Marzia Lanfranchi Year 12 Physical Education Semester 3, Term 5, Task 9 ________________________________________________ ______________ Aim: The Spikeopaths, volleyball team of Trinity Bay State High School, has been chosen to participate in the North Qld Game occurring on Easter weekend. All the members worked together as a good team to prepare themselves for the carnival. First of all they trained themselves using psychological strategies in order to improve their performances. This report will measure and analyse the results followed by enforcing psychological strategies and how successful they were on team’s performances and will also justify this with practical evidence from training. Method: A wide range of methods was used in order to collect the information about the team both as individually and as a group. 1) A Psychological Profiling Test was filled in by the members of the Spikeopaths, consisting of a series of questions that required personal evaluation about the individual feelings and concerns in relation to the team. 2) Accuracy Tests were compiled and performed to also reflect about their worst skill and to try to improve this. 3) A Game Analysis was completed to achieve a bigger awareness about their skills, weaknesses, strengths and qualities. The Psychological Profiling Tests The Anxiety test. The team completed a SCAT test in order to measure the level of anxiety they had before and during the volleyball match. It can be deduced by the evidence of these results that Dion has the lowest level of anxiety, which means that he is more self-confident and less agitated than the others. The average level of the team is 17/18, but Akira has the highest score of 22.From this it is possible to conclude that she’s very anxious and nervous.
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