Psychological Factor That Affect Performance

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Motivation: Intrinsic and Extrinsic This is our determination to achieve certain goals. The driving force which makes us do something. Our level of motivation can be seen through the amount of effort that we put into something e.g. a game of football or a piece of coursework. Our level of motivation can also be determined by how long we stick at something and what we are willing to sacrifice for success. Motivation comes in two forms: 1. Intrinsic motivation comes from our own inner drive • We may play for fun • For the satisfaction of performing well • For the pride in winning or the enjoyment • To improve your game 2. Extrinsic motivation comes from rewards and outside pressures • Playing to win trophies • To please others • To earn money/ sponsorship • To be famous Motivation can be used in training to help an athlete train hard and perform well in games, for example in football managers may use extrinsic targets and say to strikers for every goal they score they get an extra £1000 bonus. Also in athletics coaches may set smart targets and when achieved the athlete gets the satisfaction of performing well. • Most motivation is a mixture of both intrinsic and extrinsic. However, it is intrinsic motivation that will keep us interested in sport throughout our lives. • Our motivation can be increased when we play sport. • When our motivation is high, we are keen to train and play. • Motivation can be increased by things such as money, support and winning. This is known as arousal, or the intensity of our motivation. • If our motivation levels are low or drop, we will be reluctant to train and compete to the best of our ability. This may mean performers don’t want to train or compete. • Motivation can be decreased by things such as lack of

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