Psychological Disorders Essay

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Psychological Disorders Essentials of Understanding Psychology Everest University Online Sondra Silverberg Prof. Perez July 6, 2012 This chapter contains information on the four stages of sleep. Stage one, transition between sleep. Stage Two, deeper sleep and stage three, a deeper sleep, which has lower brain waves than stage two. Stage four, is the deepest sleep, during which we are least responsive to outside stimulation. Last is REM sleep witch is the deepest sleep. This chapter also explains the cognition of brain development and how it functions in a Psychological perspective. One of the many things I enjoyed reading and understanding is how the human brain works when it comes to sleep. Also understanding how and when sleep is important and how I can take care of myself so that I can get proper amount of sleep. This is very important so I can function as a mother and to show my children how important sleep is to their growing bodies. I found it troublesome that there was not as much information as I would have liked to have on this particular subject. It seemed to lack information, and had bias opinions form many of the publishers. I believe that there is much more information out there on the importance of sleeping and all the sleep stages. This book in particular could have had more information. Some of the concepts that stricken me odd was the theory of Sigmund Freud, concepts of the unconscious wish fulfillment theory, he proposed that dreams represent unconscious wishes that dreamers desire to see fulfilled ( Feldman 137) . To my understanding dreaming is more a virtual reality rather than a fulfillment. Dreaming is our way of going into a virtual reality and seeing things that do not and maybe would not ever happen in actual reality. I disagree about this fulfillment theory because if someone dreams of being kidnapped, murdered, or harmed

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