Psychological Approaches Essay

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PSY 1 - APPROACHES IN PSYCHOLOGY PREPARATION & REVISION The aim of this handbook is to help you prepare and revise for the unit named PSY1 in your A Level course in Psychology. It is not intended to take the place of your class work nor of the full textbook covering the course, but it should help you revise and prepare for the examination. Contents PSY 1 - WHAT YOU NEED TO STUDY 02 UNDERSTANDING HOW THE QUESTIONS ARE STRUCTURED and HOW TO ANSWER THEM 03 THE BEHAVIOURIST APPROACH ASSUMPTIONS 04 STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES 05 THERAPY - SYSTEMATIC DESENSITISATION 06 THERAPY - AVERSION THERAPY 07 THEORY - SOCIAL LEARNING THEORY OF AGGRESSION 08 THE BIOLOGICAL APPROACH ASSUMPTIONS 09 STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES 10 THERAPY - PSYCHOSURGERY 11 THERAPY - CHEMOTHERAPY 12 THEORY - SELYE’S GENERAL ADAPTATION SYNDROME 13 THE PSYCHODYNAMIC APPROACH ASSUMPTIONS 14 STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES 15 THERAPY - THE TALKING CURE 16 THERAPY - DREAM ANALYSIS 17 THEORY - THEORY OF PERSONALITY 18 THE COGNITIVE APPROACH ASSUMPTIONS 19 STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES 20 THERAPY - RATIONAL EMOTIVE THERAPY 21 THERAPY - COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY 22 THEORY - ATTRIBUTION THEORY 23 COMPARE AND CONTRAST THE APPROACHES 24 PSY 1 - WHAT YOU NEED TO STUDY In this unit, we will be studying four major approaches in Psychology: 1) The BIOLOGICAL approach 2) The BEHAVIOURIST approach 3) The PSYCHODYNAMIC approach 4) The COGNITIVE approach You will learn how to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the ASSUMPTIONS of each approach – for example, the biological approach assumes that behaviour has a biological/physical/physiological case. You will learn how each approach has been applied to a THEORY and a THERAPY. You will learn to ASSESS CRITICALLY each
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