Psychoeducational Group Session Summary 1

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Psychoeducational Group Session Summary 1 Myra Moore HSER511: Group Dynamics Dr. Carlene Taylor September 23, 2012 Pyschoeducational Group Summary Session 1 When groups usually meet, they tend to have something in common. Groups tend to meet for various reasons on several occasions. The makeup of these groups range from different ethnic backgrounds and based upon their experiences, they will have different views on the topic that is being discussed. Groups tend to work together to attain the goals that are set before them. They also would like to have continued success after the group has ended. This can be accomplished by the trust that is established with the members and their leader. This paper will summarize the first session of the group that I am leading. It will incorporate the course material from class and I will identify the stages of this group and challenges as it all relates to group dynamics. Group Stage The beginning stages of the group processed as shared by Corey, Corey, and Haynes (2006) states that the following group characteristic are typically observed in a group operating in the initial stage. “Members are deciding with whom they can trust, how much they will disclose, how safe the group is, whom they are drawn to and with whom they feel distant, and how much to get involved” (p.37). Although the members in my group were familiar with one another because we all work in the same office, some members brought their spouses/significant others to the first session which one of the single members expressed his concern about the couples discussing their business to others. I sensed that some of his concerns to reveal about his relationship stemmed from his fear of being ridiculed and judged by others in the group. In order for me to get everyone on board in regards to sharing, I used the comments that were shared by the ones

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