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Psychoanalytic Personality Assessment Essay

  • Submitted by: denawhite
  • on November 26, 2012
  • Category: Psychology
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Why might the biological approach to personality be controversial for some people? Explain your reasoning.
Human biology isn’t easily changed. If we believe that everything is biological then we are telling ourselves that we cannot make our own decisions. For example, homosexuality many people believe that being a homosexual is wrong but that is the way that a lot of people were brought up to believe. I myself have family members and friends that are homosexual although, I was taught it was wrong to be with the same sex as you are. I believe that it doesn’t matter if someone is gay therefore, I have my own opinion. Another example, people assume that people are born to be criminals. This is true in some cases depending on the genetics of a person but not all people are born to become criminals. Up can be brought up in the poorest or wealthiest neighborhood and still it is your decision to decide if you want to break the law or not. No one is twisting your arm telling you that you have to break the law.   White (2012)
• When do you think you can see someone’s biological influences? As an infant? As a toddler?   As an adult? Provide a justification for your answer.
I (Dena White) believe that you can see someone’s biological influences when you are an infant and as a toddler. I (Dena White) say this because when you are an infant you are taken care of by your parent (s) because you can’t tell them what you want until you reach a certain age.   Depending on the age of the child you learn to walk, talk, and other things from your parents. Parents play a huge role in their child’s life because they have to teach them right from wrong, what to do and what not to do when in public. Furthermore, depending on the child they will lean towards one of the parents more because I (Dena White) believe they feel more comfortable with that parent. Parents have a HUGE role in the influencing department for example, a mother can always tell the child how proud of them they are and...

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