Psychoanalysis Revised Reaction Paper

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Psychoanalysis revised reaction paper 3: chapter 2 After reading chapter 2, I feel very interested in Spitz’s theory. Here I have some personal understandings of some aspects: Freud’s libido object refers to the target of instinctual impulses, through which the instinctual tension is discharged. I’ll take a piece of interesting news to discuss my personal understandings of this point. Ngurah Alit was an 18 year old Indonesian man. In June 2010, after being found having sex with a cow, he was forced to marry the cow by the villagers. In his defense, Alit admitted to the act of bestiality but claimed the cow, which he believed was a young and beautiful woman, had wooed him with flattering compliments. He then became a widower because the cow was drowned in the sea to symbolically cleanse the village of the act of bestiality committed there. In this case, if we use Freud’s view to analyze the man’s abnormal behavior, we’ll find that the man’s libido object is undoubtedly the cow because it provides the opportunity for expression of his sexual impulse. It had a functional utility in reducing his drive tension. However, if we use Spitz’ view to account for the man’s weirdness, we’ll find that the cow cannot be considered as a libido object because it couldn’t provide the man with the essential human connectedness. What the cow provided the man is just the most inferior experience of gratification. In Spitz’s view, the libido object should have a set of capabilities to bring people a sense of caring and a deeply gratifying personal connection. In Freud’s theory, identification is the process through which the child makes someone or an aspect of someone a part of himself. In real life of China, we usually have an interesting marriage phenomenon: if a woman’s husband falls in love with another woman, then the woman will have a tendency to unconsciously imitate some
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