Psychoanalysis and Social Constructionist

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Summarise 2 identity theories, compare they’re usefulness for explaining real world issues discussed in chapter 1 Physical disability is real world issue Social constructionism Psychosocial Psychosocial * James Marcia and erik erikson both view psychoanalysis as being influenced by both social and personal factoris. * Erikson developed psychosocial theory through Clinical work, naturalistic observations and probably his own experiences * Our core identity is achieved when individuals have a sense of who they are and what role the play in society. * Erikson talks about how identity achievement is a lifelong development in which we are trying to resolve conflicts that arise between what us as individuals want and what the society demands * Erik himself had a very turbulent adolescent because he was a struggling artist and he was in search of his birth father but he failed. This was his identity crisis * Eriksons ideas about young peoples ‘clannishness’ can help to explain current social issues such as the prevalence of bullying in schools page 56 * Erikson also argued that people whom we consider to be very different from ourselves can threaten our sense of identity and that this can lead to aggression. This issue was, not surprisingly, one with which he was concerned since the fact that he was born Jewish put him at considerable risk in Austria prior to the Second World War. Page 56 * Social and personal identities are interlinked. This is partly because we all need other people to show that they view us as the same over time, and partly because, for Erikson, identity requires that we feel solidarity with a group’s ideals. * We all have a variety of identities but we develop them into a coherent whole * Different identities are produced in different histrocial periods and cultures Social Construction * There is
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