Psychoactive Drugs Essay

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Psychoactive Drugs Psychoactive Drugs are drugs used to alter thinking, memory, and perception. These drugs were developed to help people. Some help people deal with pain and/or injuries, whereas the rest are to help people perform daily procedures by allowing sedation to make them possible. Although often abused these drugs are useful. A lot of people overdose on these drugs because it feels better to be “high” then to go through the pain. The different types of drugs consist of; Stimulants, Depressants, and Hallucinogenics. • Stimulants- “Drug that increases the functioning of the nervous system.” o Amphetamines are not a natural stimulant, they are made in a laboratory.  Different amphetamines are; Benzedrine Dexedrine, and Methedrine.  Amphetamines can be used to help you lose weight or help someone stay awake.  When this drug wears off people usually “crash”. o Cocaine is a natural drug found in coca plant leaves.  This drug make people feel extremely happy but at the same time it make you lose your appetite and dulls pain.  It used to be used by doctors and dentist in the nineteenth century and is now not allowed because of its addictive qualities. (illegal)  It could’ve also been found in Coca-Cola, a popular soft drink. • Three signs of physical dependency are; Compulsive using, meaning the person can not say no to it and has to use it. Loss of control, meaning they can not stop using it once they get started. Often using until they are functionless or it is all gone. And disregard for the consequences of use, meaning, addicts will lie, cheat, steal, lose their job, use rent money and damage relationships just to buy cocaine because to them nothing else matters. o Nicotine produces a slight rush and sense of arousal as it accelerates the heart and produces a release or adrenalin. 
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