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Psycho Essay

  • Submitted by: rachiebachie11
  • on May 4, 2011
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Psycho is a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. This movie is about a woman named Marion crane who was desperate for money so she stole $40,000 dollars from her job. She then decided to run away to phoenix and on her way she stayed at a motel where she was murdered by the motel owner, Norman Bates. Norman was a psychotic killer with a split personality disorder which consisted of himself and his mother.
What bothered me about this film was how the start actress, Janet Leigh, was killed of very early in the movie. One would think that since she was a famous actress, she would have more lines. I think that Hitchcock did this because he wanted his movie to be solely focused on the script rather than just a hot actress.   Many people would pay just to see Janet Leigh and forget about the art of Alfred Hitchcock, so Hitchcock created the best of both worlds; he casted a gorgeous actress and gave her few scenes so his art would be transparent.
Another thing that bothered me was how the killing scenes were so sloppy. When Janet Leigh was in the shower, Norman started chopping her body with this long knife, but the way he was stabbing her was so sloppy, it almost resembled a little girls’ precision. I think Hitchcock did this on purpose to show the reality of the film. Since the stabbing was so sloppy it almost looked real, where in today’s’ films every scary, murder scene looks so generic and computerized.
All in all “Psycho” was a pretty decent movie. I am not a big fan of horror movies. Usually I am deathly scared to open my eyes, however when watching this movie, I wasn’t frightened at all.

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